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Ready to assemble product for your everyday personal logistic needs

Our mission with dozopĀ®Ā 

Dozopā€™s mission is to design and develop everyday personal logistics products to lighten your load. Our utility dolly provide simple, appealing and compact solutions that fit your lifestyle and help you to complete small daily tasks without breaking your back or breaking your bank account.

We change the industry

While the industry still concentrates on providing heavy, cumbersome logistics products for professionals, we are concentrating on lightweight solutions for do-it-yourselfers and non-professionals. We aim to provide for the needs of incidental movers who move mid-to-heavy loads around the home, office or short distances outdoors.


Our practical and simple products can be kept close at hand to help make your activities as routine and convenient as possible while offering outstanding utility! We have developed an extensive line of tool-less assembled products and accessories, items and wearables to complement our utility dolly and dollies that improve your efficiency and user-experiences.

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