Our interview for Easy Engineering Magazine

We are excited to share a part of our interview for Easy Engineering Magazine! Click here to read it in full on their website.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

DOZOP: One of the main areas of activity for the company is building and maintaining our excellent customer relation. Direct contact with our customers is always a priority for us, it makes us happy when customers are sharing positive feedback and sharing photos of our products. It also important for us to understand what the end-user needs in their daily logistic tasks, so we can continue developing and making sure to fulfill all of our customer needs.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

DOZOP: In the past year we have developed 2 new lines of dollies. Our newest models are:

The Self Contained Dolly Pro – A dolly with significantly higher weight capacity and with accessories included in the package. The professional tool is able to carry loads up to 180kg/400lbs. It comes in black color and includes a set of gloves, as well as a fastening belt to secure the load of our customers.

The Self-Contained Dolly Mini – Our innovative Mini model is as light as a feather, only 1.3 kg, it is extremely convenient for storage and transportation, whenever you need it, always on hand. It is durable and can accommodate loads up to 100kg. It’s perfect for anybody that needs to move or carry heavy, awkward, or multiple items around.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

DOZOP: Our range of dollies are COMPACT at first, since it is a key product feature extremely valuable to a Casual User given that when they shop for products that they will use on a need basis, it is more important to them that they are SMALL when you don’t need them and BIG when you do! Also, we believe that mechanisms get in the way of DESIGN, we chose to go down the road of absence of screws and extra parts. In our TOOL-LESS ready-to-assemble solutions, the absence of mechanisms allowed us to freely design with the objective to create products that are compact in size when put away while strong and functional when at use. To mention also that, aiming for an EFFORT-LESS product experience, we use high quality rollerblade casters which, when disassembled, fit inside the cavities of the platform like the other accessories.


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